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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi,

    I have been a security officer for over 20 years, and having having seen your video of Newham town show and the way your group were treated by the security company All Purpose Security (APS), i would say that you would have reasonable grounds for action in respect of excessive use of force or even common assault, this case may also be taken against the security staff, security company and possibly the council also as their employers as it seems that a council official and site licensee is witnessing and possibly managing the incident at the scene.

    The incident was witnessed it seems from your video by Sue Meiners the Newham Council events manager (at 0.16 of your video see can be seen observing the incident), i feel your team would have a good case for excessive use of force against the security staff.

    As you possibly know any force used must be necessary, reasonable and proportionate, and from what i can see where your colleague is thrown to the ground that is not the case.

    It is also the case that security staff are not allowed to take your phone from your hand and throw it to the ground, as it could be classed as theft and even criminal damage.

    I hope you get justice as to see this kind of behaviour from security personnel and councils makes me feel ashamed to be a security officer.

    Good luck and well done for taking the action.

    All the best



      1. I am affected by social housing cleaning Nazi style injustice together whit my disabled husband and stress and low self steel daughter .your center is giving hope to opress people in the community,I only pray for the day the housing stock will be given to most needing families whithout racism,or personal discrimination.maybe by this day we will all be death as a direct result of this vicious circle which selfish doggy private landlords.and complete indifference to serious problems by local community links legal housing advisers that keep turning people!me away in a complete impersonal way.thanks to good I survived constant water overfloading and a broken shower glass door left there to rotten for 1 month until we injured ourselfs.people in the local offices enjoy the serious fact that my daughter is suicidal ,no one cares and local counsellors to my daughter prove to be a puppet of the rich.


  2. Hi,

    I’m currently in my final year of University in Greenwich. I’m doing one of my final major project’s at the moment where I have to deliver a message through the use of typography. For my project I want to help draw attention to the issue of Social Cleansing and Gentrification.

    It’s knocking the heart out of my South London neighbourhood and yours as well. The sense of community life in local space is demolished overnight. Buildings, homes, secrets, shops, keep life in our neighbourhood.

    I was hoping I could come along to your campaigns and record theses events and the community families speaking out against social cleansing if that’s ok?

    If you could get back to me via email or my number I’d be extremely grateful.





  3. Dear Mr Daniel hardy.the level of social housing cleansing locally can cause severe behaviour issues in a homeless young girl.
    My landlord often water overloaded my home shutout any fast council intervention.just because my landlords wife worked for local primary schools doesn’t give them the right to treat us like existing landlord wants to repossessed his landlord never fixed broked furniture ,provide for a fridge or secure my initial deposit.local authority treatenus to send us to Manchester after our future eviction only.we find no mercy and emergency housing help in this area ,social services and local housing delay housing help waiting until you dye at the hands of insane daughter needs her own space room and a living room .I suffer so much because of lack of appropriate housing that my daughter wants to make a plea to the UNESCO and human rights center


    1. Hi Mrs Montserrat masot vilaseca,

      Thank you for responding to my message,

      I’m really sorry to hear about this. It’s not fair how people are being treated.

      I really want to express the unnecessary struggle people like you and many others are going through and draw attention to the issue of Social Cleansing and Gentrification. I’m attending the campaign walk tomorrow and I’m recording the voices of the March Against the Housing Bill. I’m also hoping to get personal recordings of people just like yourself. Would you be willing to be apart of my project?

      If you could get back to me via email or mobile I’d be very grateful 🙂


      Also if there is anyone else that could spare 5 minutes of their time who are also going through these issues and would allow me to record their voices for my project that would be a great help.

      Thank you



  4. Does anyone know if there are any more spare tickets for tomorrows performance Landofthreetowers – 30th January 7pm?

    I’m gutted I didn’t get a ticket in time…If anyone has a spare one or knows anyone that isn’t going anymore could you let me know, I’d be so so grateful.


    Thanks again



  5. I’m also having numerous issues with Newham and the Mayor. Please email me with any info you have on them ie: corruption/ backhanders especially their planning dept.



  6. I agree that the management of housing stock in Newham and many other boroughs is just horrible. It s particularly bad in Newham,of course… There is very little or no transparency. I am a tenant of Omega Housing/Tando group. I understand that there have been Freedom of Information enquiries into their contract w Newham Council… Nothing has happened. Omega/Tando does very little or no maintenance work on the properties that their lease from Newham Council. They provide an appaling service,really. Even the Gas safety checks haven’t been carried out in our block for well over a year now. The 3monthly inspections that they supposed to overtake,are useless,anyway. No repair that we report gets carried out unless we keep nagging on them. The properties have issues from the windows that do not close properly to plumbing etc. I have emailed them.about antisocial neighbours living in squalor but I am sceptical that I ever get an answer. Dealing with them as landlords has been very stressful.
    Omega leases properties from Newham Council…the council then pays them housing benefit after its (still) council-owned! properties… this,of course,s v profitable for Omega /Tando as they collect the monies in advance +hardly ever do any maintenance work…
    There has been an enquiry into this contract as it seems to be unfair +there s no transparency in it,whatsoever.
    The council has outsourced many of its property management yet the properties we live in are not in a decent condition…
    I understand that in 2011, Newham.Council got an instant cash payment fr Omega/Tando upon signing the contract with them…Exactly who gave what to whom,remains unclear to this date…The whole ‘leasing council properties’ business sounds dodgy,tbh…
    Why Newham.Council has to have so many empty properties?! Why many of these empty properties have been given to Omega/Tando to lease fr the council who then pays ££££ in Housing Benefit to them?!
    We shall stay united and make Newham Council responsible for the social cleansing and land /property speculation etc that is going on!!!


  7. For years I have tackled all sorts of institutions and councils, the common theme is always a violent reaction/rejection of any Health/safety issue ,it always gets peoples backs up, the messenger (ME) is ALWAYS shot ! Get your teeth into an h/s issue and don’t let go. The mid staffs hospital lady got her reward by hanging in there.
    Has anybody checked the interests register and gifts register for councillors /officials, is the bar low enough ? you do not need an appointment to check these things even though councils may try to fob you off. Councillors/officials dealing with development control/procurement/business promotion are the most notorious.
    Has anybody checked the asbestos register? what about the accident book ?


  8. On Saturday, September 15th, I saw a documentary about the might of rich people. In Berlin we have the same problems and hundreds of young people are homeless, or they can sleep at their friends home. But for how long? We need to fight in Germany too against to be homeless. Our government need consequently votes against these situation. Your Organisation is really great to do, what you have done before. I apologize for my English. Best regards Dr. Rutz

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