There are lots of clips and videos of the campaign, thanks to independent journalists and bloggers and housing activists who have come down to the stall to meet us. Here are a few that may be of interest:

Thanks to Julian Samboma for this video documenting the first year of the campaign:

Thank you to Daniesky from the newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! For this great video:

Check out the videos put out by the Trews team, filmed inside the occupied flats on Carpenters Estate on this page:

Thanks to Ruth Sutcliffe for this video that was made in 2020:

Thanks to The Guardian newspaper for this video made in 2014:

A film about Boundary House made in August 2016, thanks Glen!

Focus E15 take over a boarded up police station in Newham for the day, July 2016 – thanks again for this film Glen!

Click on this link for a film made in 2020 about Brimstone House to Carpenters. Film by Steph Beeston and Tom Price

Please help us spread our videos and campaign messages by sharing information about the Focus E15 campaign on social media:
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Thank you for your support.

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