Support Focus E15 Campaign

The best way to get involved with the campaign is to visit the weekly campaign stall where you can meet campaigners and help with leafleting, petitioning and more. The stall is every Saturday, 12pm-2pm outside Wilko’s on  the Broadway in Stratford, London, E15. 

Money is also needed to help run the campaign. Focus E15 Campaign is not linked to any major political party and attracting funding can be difficult. To continue to speak out and work alongside people who are most effected by housing issues and to maintain our independent campaigning voice, please consider donating some money. Thank you.

You can make a regular payment with one of the plans from GoCardless below.

  1. Contribue £2 per month to Focus E15 Campaign  or
  2.  Contribute £5 per month to Focus E15 Campaign
  3. Contribute £10 per month to Focus E15 Campaign
  4. £25 per month – the solidarity plan!

Alternatively you can set up a one off payment with GoCardless:


All money  raised will directly go towards the costs of funding this campaign.
Thank you for your generous support.

dont make our babies

8 thoughts on “Support Focus E15 Campaign

  1. You are an inspiration to so many. Your struggle will not be in vain. There is another better world around the corner. Success to you all.


    1. Hi Laura, Thank you so much. You can make a one off donation via Go Cardless on the website. Or if you prefer, please could you send an email with your bank details- we do not want to post them online due to fraud etc. Thank you Lara.


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