Sylvia’s Corner


Address: 97 Aldworth Rd, Stratford, London E15 4DN. Get directions

 Focus E15 Campaign was awarded some funding  to rent an office/social hub to be used for progressive campaigns to build a housing movement in East London. As the funding will run out, the campaign is looking for a couple of other groups who would help share the costs of  renting this space. Stratford needs a radical hub for progressive groups to organise from – for the long term!


About the name Sylvia’s Corner.
The  office space  is a corner shop situated amongst residential streets in Stratford. The name Sylvia is a nod to Sylvia Pankhurst who  was a suffragette and socialist organiser in the East End of London. She organised with working class women , speaking to 1000s of people in mass meetings about women’s rights. Throughout her life she was an outspoken critic of the British Empire and she formed links with the struggle for a free and independent Ireland. She was an early communist, inspired by the Russian Revolution and later became an anti-fascist organiser.  She was known in the East End of London amongst working class women as ‘our Sylvia’.  Focus E15 campaign was started by young mothers, who organised in the East End and who have been leading the fight for decent housing. They were prepared to challenge the system and confront authority. Calling this space Sylvia’s Corner links the current struggles led by militant women to the inspiring revolutionary struggles of the past.

Please use the booking request on the drop down menu on this tab if your group or campaign would like to book this space. The space costs £5 per hour to use.

If your group is looking to make a regular booking and would like to be a regular contributor and have  a say in how the space is used, please email:
focuse15london (at) gmail (dot)com


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