Statement by Jasmin and Sam, Focus E15 campaign

Focus E15 campaign is a campaign group concentrating on housing and supporting people affected by the harsh cuts.

We would like to follow up on the previous statement that was broadcast to supporters regarding certain individuals who have attended events of the campaign, and give some reassurance as to what we are about and what our campaign concentrates on.

In particular we would like clarify that the previous statement did not speak on behalf of the whole campaign and that Focus E15 campaign is open to men and women and all support is welcome and appreciated.

We understand that domestic violence is a serious problem and want to be clear that that we are against all forms of abuse and violence and understand that it is a very sensitive matter. The campaign will not tolerate any form of discrimination.

We do not want any supporter of the campaign to feel uncomfortable. We apologise for any concern or upset that has been caused and want to make it clear that we do not think that it is right to target individuals. It is not the place of Focus E15 campaign to judge or discuss specific people’s alleged actions.

Focus E15 campaign is an active campaign engaging with the community and helping to empower people to have their voice heard.

Once again we thank everybody for all the support for the campaign and will continue the battle for everybody’s basic human rights and equality.

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