Update on Newham council employee

Correction regarding the case of  Zineb Saafan -Newham council employee.
The initial housing offer from Newham was in fact within London, near Mill Hill, Barnet. We apologise for the initial inaccurate information that suggested the offer was for outside London. However the combination of distance and travel costs across London make this offer practically impossible for a single mother of three young children to manage, as Zineb works 16 hours a week, on minimum wage for Newham council and her child attends school in Newham.

In response to Newham Council’s statement issued on 19/01/15 (regarding the case of Zineb Saafan).
The campaign was approached by Zineb on Saturday 17/01/15 at the end of our street stall. Zineb  came to ask for help because she had been evicted from  private rented accommodation and was homeless. She was with her 3 children and was clearly upset. She had nowhere to go.

On Monday 19/01/15 the Focus E15 campaign called for a peaceful demonstration outside Bridge House  to support Zineb -at her request. However the council refused entry, closed the building and called the police. As  we caused no hindrance to other people there was no need for the council to close down the housing office and deny people their housing appointments.

The eviction of Zineb and her family is only one example amongst many that this campaign comes across on a weekly basis during the street stall in Stratford.  In Newham the skyline is increasingly dominated by luxury apartments whilst council estates like the Carpenters Estate are left empty.

We will not tolerate people being ripped from their homes, from their work and from their schools. Our messages are clear: Repopulate the Carpenters Estate! Social housing not social cleansing!

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