Artist Gina Lundy raises money for Focus E15 campaign

social housing not social cleansing

Artist Gina Lundy has taken the slogan ‘social housing not social cleansing’ to make some great posters to help fundraise for our  campaign. They are now on sale via her website

The posters read ‘social housing not social cleansing’ which has now become the rallying cry for many different housing campaigns across London and the world!

The posters were  created on behalf of Focus E15 as part of the ‘Real Estates’ exhibition at PEER gallery, which was a project that was run by Fugitive Images, from March 18 -21st 2015.

The posters cost £12.00 + £5.50 p&p. All the posters are limited edition, signed, screen printed exhibition posters, 840 x 604 mm.

Profits from poster sales go directly to Focus E15 campaign.

*please note that colours will vary for each print.

Please see Gina Lundy’s website to purchase a poster.

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