Pushed out of London into unsafe accomodation

The residents of Boundary House, were pushed out of their homes in Waltham Forest, and placed in temporary accommodation in Welwyn Garden City. Some residents have now been there for almost four years. The conditions are dirty, dangerous and unsuitable for families and children. The residents are living with mould, cockroach infestation, temperamental water supplies and cramped conditions.

The commute to London is expensive and time consuming, meaning residents have been isolated from their communities and support networks. Waltham Forest Council has neglected their duty of care, and continue to to ignore the concerns of their constituents.

On Monday 27th June member of the Focus E15 campaign, some of the residents and other housing activists will be going to Waltham Forest Council to demand decent and safe homes for all the residents in Boundary House.

Join us!  Raise our voices. Meet us on Monday 27 June at 11.00am at Cedar House, 2A Fulbourne Rd, London E17 4EE, Waltham Forest Housing Office.

In the meantime you can help spread the message if you sign and share the petition  and read the demands of the residents.

Please join the facebook event for this action and spread the word through your networks.

Social Housing not social cleansing!

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