Rumours of Robin Wales’s resignation have been squashed!

Robin Wales is NOT out. The past 24 hours social media has been going crazy with rumours of the Mayor of Newham Robin Wales stepping down!

We should have seen this was too good to be true and that he would never have done the right thing… it isn’t in his nature. Robin Wales thinks he has a chance of winning the mayoral selection. Robin has a history of using sneaky tactics to buy more time.

Wales has served as Mayor of Newham since 2002 and had leading roles in the council since 1995. The gentrifier of Newham has recently let £52.5 million slip away from tax payers money from the sell off of the Olympic stadium. The equivalent of 125% of our council tax is spent on paying back the interest on LOBO loans the council has taken out.
Wales’s agenda is clear. In 1997 he said:

“There are too many people, those currently living in Newham and those attracted from other London boroughs, who survive on low incomes or who present themselves as homeless. Whilst we will offer support and carry out our legislative duties, our aim will be to increase Newham’s property values”.

In more recent years Robin Wales said to Focus E15 campaigners “if you cant afford to live in Newham you can’t afford to live in Newham”. Social cleansing is happening across Newham. We must stop all this housing misery now.

We have seen Red Door ventures coming into the borough, private insecure renting increasing and social council housing demolished and left empty. These are few examples of the many corrupt schemes introduced and supported by the Mayor as homelessness increases every day. One in 25 people in  Newham are homeless – the highest in Britain. This makes 13,607 people. The number of people homelessness in Newham has increased by 1,361 from 2016 to 2017. (Source: Shelter).

We all had the feel for celebration when we heard the news yesterday; if you for one moment said oh finally he is out -then we need to be working together! We must demand Wales steps down! We must demand the end of this dictatorship and we must be united! Join Focus E15 every Saturday 12-2pm, Stratford Broadway (outside Wilkos) and  join us at our next meeting, where we will be discussing the Mayoral selection procedure and the all next steps of the campaign. The meeting is at Sylvia’s corner, 97 Aldworth road E15 4DN at 2.30pm on Saturday 3rd March. 
Robin Wales get out!

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