Where is my baby going to go?

A mother at Victoria Street hostel is sharing a double bed with her two year old child. There is no space in the one room she has been allocated by Newham Labour council for her soon to be born baby and cot. She is due to give birth in 10 days and is extremely worried about how her baby will sleep.

Paediatric advice clearly states that a new born baby should not share a double bed and should be sleeping in a cot or moses basket.

We demand that this family are immediately moved into long term safe and affordable accommodation where there is space for a cot and room for the family to live. Moving is the only course of action that will provide the safety and security the children and mother so desperately need. Otherwise the baby will be in a dangerous situation.

3 thoughts on “Where is my baby going to go?

  1. Newham needs a council that gets a grip and starts to deal with the huge number of empty properties. Also provide leadership for local government saying no more cuts. Enough is enough.


  2. Hiya. Everyone that works in the council should have to study the law before they work there.

    This lady needs to get a solicitor and write formal complaint and escalate to ombudsman. That’s the only way I think she’ll get out. East London councils are really bad. Hackeny had cyber attack and Newham are lazy.


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