Latest News from Focus E15 Campaign

Focus E15 campaign on the streets every Saturday
join us on the stall 12-2pm outside Wilko’s on the Broadway, Stratford E15

Saturday 27 February – campaign meeting 2.30-4.30pm
Bryant Street Methodist Church, Bryant Street, E15 4RU

Street homelessness on the increase…
Last week on the stall we met Charlie who is 20 years old and has been homeless for two years.
Read about him on our blog.

This article was published in the Guardian today
The number of people sleeping rough in England on any one night has doubled since 2010 and increased by 30% in the last year, with an estimated 3,569 people now sleeping on the streets across England, according to new government figures.

Social cleansing – fight for decent housing for those sent to Boundary House in Welwyn Garden City
Newham has sent families with young children to appalling overcrowded bedsits in Welwyn Garden City – read this piece by Kate Belgrave and come and support Elina, one of the last residents in Boundary House, fighting for her and her children’s right to decent accommodation near her support networks. Don’t let these families fight alone, make our disgust public.

Brimstone House / Focus E15 hostel, where Focus E15 campaign originated with the collective strength of the single mothers facing social cleansing, has East Thames Housing Association residents who were placed there originally by Newham Council as vulnerable young adults in need of supported living. Those remaining have now received threatening High Court letters about bailiffs. Newham cannot wash their hands of these young people and must house them locally. Join Focus E15 campaign to give them support and make our outrage known.

Cuts budget unanimously approved by Labour councillors
Having thought about all that – think of Robin Wales, mayor of Newham and his cuts budget.
On 22 February Newham Labour council met with a full public gallery of…16 people. After the handpicked 16 had entered the public gallery, the rest were put in the Lister Room with a screen to see the procedings. Very distorted sound meant difficulty understanding all the contributions. If it wasn’t for Councillor Clark who spoke of the housing crisis with rising temporary accommodation, unsutainable cost of temporary accommodation and the people moved out of borough and out of London, then housing would hardly have been mentioned by Labour Mayor Robin Wales. He spoke of his new proposal of ‘Fairer Rent’ due to come in, blamed the problems on the asuterity programme from our Tory government and promised that there would be no cuts in meaningful services, lots of money for improving roads, pavements and lighting and patted himself on the back saying he was ‘proud of this outstanding budget’. It was agreed unanimously by all the councillors present. Somehow they have reduced a £54m cuts to £37m cuts and all seemed happy with the plan to cut the back services without affecting frontline services (how?) and that Robin Wales will review anything that is brought to him.

Well we have to bring things to Robin Wales’ attention – the homelessness, those being sent out of Newham away from family, friends, schools and support networks, the vicious Housing Bill and the Immigration Bill and the 400 empty homes on the Carpenters Estate that must be used immediately to house people in need.

In Neighbouring Walthamstow, 63 properties from Butterfields estate, recently bought by property company Butterfields E17, are being advertised for sale as empty properties while tenants are still there, some who have lived there for decades.

Come to our stalls and meetings, add your ideas for action, support those struggling for housing in your area and let’s get together, solidarity is strength.

6 thoughts on “Latest News from Focus E15 Campaign

  1. Hi there, I live in temporary private housing for the last 5 years ,its soo prominent the chaotic disrepair and dumpy watery bedroom I am sleeping for the last 5 years and the indifference towards any possible change in my living conditions as community links or environmental department don,t want to know that know I a. Going to dye from a breast cancer ,no body cares anyway another person less no bother anyone .the tyrant behaviour of my leggings agent and landlord is the cause of my premature death I am a stressed 16 year girl a breast cancer fast death is what the most will like my school friends and zoo called environmental department.
    Thanks for your hep I fell very sick today its my destiny I don,t live outside London I am am only a burden to the system


  2. Hi,there I wanted to come for this last Saturday focus 15 table program outside Wilkinson in Stratford my breast pain and headaches was too heavy that was impossible forms to come .I am surprised I am still alive in this horrible cell full of dark watery marks ,my environmental officer only told me try to slepp as far as possible from you bedroom window. Even doing that the problem is the same I fell I live in aprision my mum reported my oven been broke 2 days ago including the serious fact that the kitchen wardrobes called apart 6 months ago and that my kitchen sink gets black contaminated water every time I put my washing machine whith a horrible smell going on for years the standard hear is worst than a prisioni will dye soon now whith no hopes for tomorrow.


  3. Hi there, my mum and dadreported to my landlord months ago about most of my bathroom and kitchen wardrobes falling apart and needing to be replaced months ago without any action ,my landlord keep saying don,t tell the council is going to only make things worse for environmental officer only tells to make photos of the water overloading from flat above, from the broken wardrobes and horrible black market walls I am writing for my fast death now.


  4. I hope one day reporting a repair INA private accommodation will stop being a crime issue and a excuse from your leggings agents to harrasment people, my school! Marks are the lowest how can I achieve in school whith substandard living conditions .my social workers always tellme in a sarcastic way .even if you live on the streets which is even worse hereyou still have no excuse not to achieve in school.even dying whith a breast cancer there is. No mercy from any one only treats to me ,many letters of complaint to my local mp proved a complete waste of time.any one will go mad living in a horrible damped lplacelike this one.


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